Welcome To White Love Birds of Paradise​​

A symbol of flight together into the journey of life 
Since the beginning of recorded history white birds or doves have been a symbol of purity, holiness, fidelity, and love.
They have been illustrated in art, recorded in literature, kept and protected in temples and palaces around the world.
They play a key role in life's celebrations because of the beauty and symbolism associated with them.
For a once in a lifetime experience, celebrate with white birds silhouetted against the skyline. These birds are a fitting symbol for the union of a bride and groom which will make their wedding celebration a memorable one.
Words cannot describe the magic moment when the bride and groom release their birds into the air while dozens more are released around them. 
A beautiful conclusion to any ceremony 
White Love Birds of Paradise is a New York White Dove Release Service for weddings, funerals, holidays, parades, and lots more. We cover entire tri-state area starting from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island such as Nassau and Suffolk County. We will go as far as you wish. We are here to support you. New York dove release has weddings doves, funeral doves, memorial doves, and any special occasion.